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Unsre Gruppen

Es gibt immer viel im Klub zu tun!



German Club Cairns throws the doors open to provide club members and the people of Cairns (and further afield) every Friday night with free entry and a changing calendar of themed entertainment representing different regions across the German speaking nations.

People enjoy the German culture on display in our beautifully decorated restaurant with Beer Steins and cuckoo clocks providing fond reminders of those trips to the Black Forrest, the nation’s capital – Berlin or the ports of Hamburg and Kiel… there are even a few reminders of the mountains of Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland.

The restaurant serves up authentic German food with a changing special each week so you can come back over and over again and experience something different. Our bar provides fully imported German beers on tap – always four different varieties especially freighted to Cairns for us at our club. We pride ourselves on sourcing a range of German and Austrian beers for our guests and have over a dozen different bottled beers to try – all listed in our beer menu updated each week so you can pick the ones you want or work your way through them at your leisure. From 2021 we expanded our Schnapps selections so real ‘Schnapps Kenner’ can become ‘Meister Kenner’ – or connoisseur if you want the English (?) version… Only on offer at the German club.


A Stammtisch is an especially reserved table for the regulars who enjoy their time in the club by having meal and a drink together. On Fridays we have two regular Stammtisch groups but always want to see more take their place at one of our three special corner tables. What a great opportunity for a group of young mates to get together, have a solid meal and enjoy some drinks before heading to town to go clubbing – or maybe just stay for the long haul. Being part of a Stammtisch keeps you young.

 Are you interested in learning some conversational German – for FREE? In 2021, we are considering starting up a Stammtisch Group that meets on Thursdays for a regular catch-up in the Club from 6pm-7pm where we get together for a drink, and good conversations. More importantly, we will be learning and practicing German by exploring a range of real-life scenarios. In 2020 (pre-covid), we had a great time and formed new friendships.  We welcome anyone that is interested in making friends and having a good German time in 2021. You can be proficient in German or be a total beginner – we want to immerse everyone in language and culture to practice and improve.

  • Having a Friday Stammtisch group is FREE
  • German language Stammtisch and lessons on Thursdays are FREE

If you have any questions or want to get involved you can contact: or give Chris a call on 0487 112 489


The Enzian Kids are a Junior Group with children from the ages of 6 to 12 years and Enzian Tanzgruppe is a Senior group from the ages of 12 to much older.

The traditional dance they perform is called the Schuplattler (Shoe-Slapping). This dancing comes from Upper Bavaria and Tyrol. They also perform the traditional Ringing of the Cowbells (Glocken) which consist of large and small sets of bells that are musically tuned.

The group performs at a variety of events from the small to major events in the club itself and around Cairns. Enzian Kids are provided with all costumes and the German Club also extends this support to Enzian Dancers who are provided with their imported Tracht from Bavaria for dancing.

If you are interested in booking them for an event or joining, please contact Chris on 0478 112 489 or

  • Practices are Wednesday
  • 5-6pm for Enzian Kids
  • And it is ALL FREE.


The Skat players meet every Tuesday t the club for their game of cards and Rummikub. After enjoying a BYO lunch, the players settle into the playing groups and battle it out in air conditioned comfort.

For information, please contact: Lotte Bullerjahn on 0424 256 772 or by email


Die Spaßvögel

Come join in some fun! All welcome! Die Spaßvögel are in the house! This social group of adults (sometimes with kids in tow – which we love!) comes together each Wednesday from 6:30-8pm to learn and play German games, do some German cooking, speak German, and have some fun!

All it costs is a club membership! Become a member and access the group’s activity for FREE each week!  Just come along and we will do the rest! If you are interested in booking them for an event or joining, please contact Chris on 0478 112 489 or


We have a fantastic group of people involved in our “Volunteers Group”. They assist at Club functions and are integral in helping the club raise funds by giving their time to work in the kitchen, behind the bar, clean and help maintain the club. As a community organisation, totally managed by volunteers on the committee and at events, we are able to keep our club going for the community – and in 2021 that will be 50 years! We are always on the look out for more members of this group so contact Lotte on or give her a call on 0424 256 772

Thanks to volunteers in 2020, we have :

  • New beer garden furniture;
  • Maintained our guttering;
  • Enjoyed three fantastic – smaller than usual but as successful Oktoberfests;
  • Repaired and serviced our beer lines and main cool room;
  • Installed solar photovoltaic panels;
  • New cushion covers;
  • Party decorations and prizes for events;
  • Had club signage installed;
  • Set up a photo-booth customed to our club;
  • Gardened and added to the garden;
  • Repaired our fence and got a lock for Ergon;
  • Performed Bavarian dances and floorshows at multiple events;
  • Purchased decorative street signs for the club restaurant;
  • Gained three grants and sponsorship for club events;
  • Given each of our children Nikolaustüte for the visit of St Nikolaus;
  • Provided German treats for our Christmas party;
  • Maintained excellent financial records and presented fully audited accounts to the members at the AGM;
  • Sent our regular newsletters;
  • Set up our new website and online store;
  • Advertised our events on facebook and community online platforms;
  • Trained in and implemented covid-19 safe practices;
  • Re-invigorated events and provided many weeks of fun activities for our guests;
  • Cleaned and set up theclub each week;
  • Made friends and had fun.
About us

Want to join one of our groups or start your own? Contact Chris on: