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Unser Haus

Our facilities (also for hire)

Das Restaurant / The restaurant

Each week we have our German favourites: Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut und Pommes (German sausage with cabbage and chips). Schweinebraten (Roast pork) and even Vegetarische Lasagne (Spinach and Fetta lasagne). 
Kids under 10 get nuggets and chips for free!

Pork Knuckle nights

A very popular night and always a good idea to make a booking.

Off to the North Sea coast

It’s always a fish feast with Hamburg or North Sea coast night


A great crowd pleaser – comfort food of the best order with home made Spätzle. 

Jägerschnitzel is just one of the options

Hunters schnitzel with mushroom and cream, or is it the spicy gypsy or just plain is great too.

Sausage nights

We have Bratwurst every week but when it’s sausage night… Knackwurst, Krainer, Currywurst.


German specialities like the rolled meat festival of the mouth sometimes gracing our menu.

Der Biergarten / Beer garden

Biergarten for all the Oktoberfest feels

A great party venue

Under cover, with great fans and nice lighting, the beer garden is an airy spot to be with friends and celebrate. Covid safe plan is in place.

Our major annual event: Oktoberfesst

Public always welcome

German music, beers, singing and food make the the German Club a great place to celebrate the wedding of Ludwig I of Bavaria (again)!

Gardens and fans

Club and community members love the space

Cared for by our team of volunteers, the beer garden is a place which can be enjoyed year round. Pop in after work on Friday with mates, take some time out from the buzzing entertainment inside or just take a deep breath.

Party zone: Our club room

Wow what a night! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with how it all went – my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing yesterday from people saying they had a blast. I can’t thank you enough, Chris, for all the effort you put in with the planning and your tireless service on the night. I dare say you will be seeing us again, and please give a big thank you to Gillian and Ron too!
Alison (October 2020)

You can hire out our club room, have a break up or a party as a private function and we will open up our bar and supply staff too!

Our in house Oompah band 

A couple of Fridays a month we have the Oompah band entertaining us: even in covid times

Play cards or have a drink with mates

We enjoy having regular visitors and first timers.

German winning

On tap and in bottles – straight from Germany! Our bar is open every Friday and can be included as part of the service we offer for events.

We do themes

Come celebrate the pumpkin festival (there’s a story) or join in a quiz night, Bavaria night or even a Sissi night at the club.

Even traditional German Strudel or Black forest cake

Don’t go until you’ve had some sweets – and tea and coffee is free.

We do meetings and conferences

Need somewhere quiet to meet with your team? We do meetings.

About us

We are available for private functions.